The Perfect Home Business

The Perfect Home Business

Looking for a new Home Business? I might just have ‘The Perfect Home Business’ for you!

What if I said to you that I knew a business that was perfect.


A business that is perfect for someone who wants to work from home.

A business that is perfect for someone who wants to work for themselves.

A business that is perfect for someone who doesn’t have a large start up capital.

A business that is perfect for someone who has a few hours a day to spend. At home. In comfort.

A business that is perfect for someone who is unable to work due to ill health, family commitments or a disability.

A business that is perfect for someone who has little or no experience at running their own business.

A business that is perfect for someone who has an interest in computers, but doesn’t know a thing about programming them.

A business that is perfect for someone who has an interest or a hobby that they like to talk about.

A business that is perfect for someone who wants to do something simple, which is easy to learn.

A business that is perfect for someone who wants to spend little time doing it as it is for someone who wants to spend hours doing it.

A business that is perfect for someone who seeks fun and excitement.

A business that is perfect for someone who just wants to make money… online.


Fancy taking the Leap?

Free Home Business Courses

Free Home Business Courses


With so many possible home business ideas, how do you get started? One way is to check out these FREE online business courses and how to guides.

From setting up and running an ebay shop, to managing and operating a successful mailing list, or producing your very own eBook, this is the section of How Can I Make Money that you will want to check out.

Available Guides:

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

How To Make Money On eBay

How To Sell eBooks On eBay

Home Business News & Reviews

Starting and running your own home business can be a very scary and daunting challenge, but, with the right information, advice and help it can become a complete life changing event. This section of  How Can I Make Money will cover all the little things, the updates, the news, the latest tit-bits and the occasional rant or moan (I promise not to many of those!)

However, if you are starting out in the world of Internet entrepreneurialism, then there are an awful lot of people out there you could listen to or seek advice from, some of those people know what they are talking about, and some of them don’t, some of them have their very own products, some of which are very good, others however are a complete waste of money, here you will find reviews of some of these products which, combined with the guides you can find in the other sections of this website may help in your success with your online (or even offline) business

This is also where you will find information about other people who are doing exactly the same as you, they may be a little further along the journey than you, but they will have turned all that they have learnt into a successful online business.

And let’s not forget the occasional review of the essential home business must-haves, from coffee to computers, this is a lifestyle choice we make after all!

Further details

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  • Getting Social
  • How to Sell eBooks on eBay – A Home Business Guide

Getting Social
The complete guide to successfully implementing social media into your business.

Social Media Book Cover

No matter what size your business, if you are not currently using social media as part of your day to day business plan then your are missing out on one of the cheapest and most productive forms of advertising available today.

Social media is a relatively new term for something that is as old as the business of selling. Yet, this new term seems to strike fear into many tech-wary small business owners. There really is no reason to be fearful, Social Media in all its guises is an essential element to any successful new or old business be it large or small and it is so easy to implement it is ridiculous!

This book will guide you through the world of social media, what social media is, what it means, where to get involved, how to get involved, why you need it as part of your business, how to implement it into your business plan and how to run it along side your business, what is more, I will show you how to do all this without any fear and for little or no cost.

Getting Social
The complete guide to successfully implementing social media into your business

Table of Contents
Getting Social
Chapter 1. My Nan
Chapter 2. The Method IS the Medium
Chapter 3. Who am I, What am I?
Chapter 4. Cupcake’s Cupcakes
Chapter 5. The Business Website
Chapter 6. Facebook
Chapter 7. Twitter
Chapter 8. Google
Chapter 9. YouTube
Chapter 10. Flickr
Chapter 11 The secret to successful social media implementation
Chapter 12. Implementing Social Media in a weekly business plan.
Chapter 13. So, What will I need to be social?
Chapter 14. That’s it


Available to Buy from Amazon

How to Sell eBooks on eBay – A Home Business Guide is a complete guide to setting up and running a profitable eBook Business in your spare time, from the comfort of your own home.

The book includes detailed information about:

What an eBook is.
Where to get them.
Where to sell them.
What you will need to sell them.
The minimal start-up costs.
How much you can expect to make selling eBooks.

In the latter sections of this eBook I look at how to prefessionalise your new home business including sections on:

Customer Service.
Advertising styles in different markets
The use of graphics and media
and how to avoid the common mistakes made by people new to the business.

You can have your first product for sale and on the market within an hour of reading this eBook, No experience required!

eBook sales, and the growth of the electronic information business over recent years have been huge, but the great thing is, it is getting BIGGER. This eBook will set you up with all the information you need to start trading in eBooks. Giving you a chance to get your own slice of the internet money making pie!

If you have been looking for a product to sell on eBay, this book explains why eBooks are the BEST product to be trading in. It is ideal for the complete novice, as it is straight forward, easy to follow and written in plain english.

This book is a complete step by step guide to setting up a viable and lucrative business from the comfort of your own home.

Have you ever wondered where all those internet millionaires started their empires? Yes, you’ve guessed it, they all started by selling information products, in particular, eBooks.

It is such a good business to be in, you can even make money whilst you sleep!

So, whether you are a student wanting to pay your tuition fees or a stay at home parent with a few hours to spare each week, or you just fancy trying something new. If you are looking for a little part-time money spinner to pay for your holiday, or for your Christmas presents, or for your new car, or, whether you are wanting to start a business that you can grow, over a relatively short period of time, enabling you to quit your day job and be your own boss, THIS BOOK IS A MUST READ!

Lets put things into perspective, for the price of this eBook you can’t get a lot these days, But with this book you are getting a whole new future, a new hobby, a great way to make money, a new home business, a new lifestyle opportunity and all because you have chosen to change your life and increase your income… dramatically!

Available to download from Amazon

Welcome to adventure! – That is a pretty hard-hitting title for this introduction, but whether you realise it or not, an adventure it is, this starting and running your own business lark!

This website mainly explores the adventures to be had in Affiliate Marketing, although there are courses and guides covering all kinds of home business ideas and whether you are a complete newbie or a hard core veteran, I am sure there will be something you will find of interest, not least, my completely FREE Member’s Group… hint hint (signup is at the top ;-))

Thank you for stopping by How Can I Make Money, if you have any questions then get in touch, but whatever you do here, EXPLORE and Have your own ADVENTURE!

Welcome to Adventure! Welcome to Adventure!

Si Garlick